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WaterWorks is a pollution control specialist we help you comply with local, state and federal clean water regulations.

As a company that performs power washing, pressure washing and steam cleaning in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Ventura areas we are committed to complying with all Clean Waters Act regulations.

Our city storm drains connect directly to our creeks and oceans; they do not connect to sanitary sewer systems or treatment plants. Wash water from steam cleaning and pressure washing may contain significant quantities of oil, grease, chemicals, dirt, detergents and other hazards. Disposing of wash water or allowing generated waste water from steam cleaning into the storm drain causes serious ecological problems and is prohibited by law.

Why use WaterWorks? When you have your property steam cleaned or power washed you the owner or manager of the property are responsible for the generated waste wash water. When you use WaterWorks to provide pressure washing services we recover the wash water and dispose of it in compliance with all city, state and federal laws. Our compliance is your compliance.

WaterWorks has a current Wastewater Direct Discharge permit. We provide wastewater recovery and regulated disposal of your generated wash water. Our permit allows us to legally dispose of power washing and steam cleaning wastewater to a treatment facility. When you hire a contractor to pressure wash or steam clean your facility it is essential that they hold a waste water discharge permit to legally dispose of the waste wash water generated by the work performed. Check with your contractor before you hire them to ensure they hold a current waste water discharge permit.

We dispose of all wastewater by following current "Best Management Practices (BMP)" in wastewater management and pollution minimization.

Not only will we help you stay compliant with environmental regulations, we will help protect our environment by insuring that only rain goes down the storm drain.

If you hire us to sweep your facility you can be satisfied knowing we have Truck Sweepers that are PM-10 certified which help to improve our local air quality. Our trucks conserve water while providing excellent dust control and pass the strict t South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1186 standard for excellent dust and PM10 control.

WaterWorks uses leaf blowers that comply with the Santa Barbara Municipal Code SBMC 9.16.020

We also make use of reclaimed water, resulting in the conservation of our very precious resource.

WaterWorks is:

City of Santa Barbara Clean Creeks Certified business
Certified Clean

Certified Water Reclaimer by the PWNA

For more information regarding the pollution regulations go to the following links:

City of Santa Barbara Title 16-15, Urban Pollution Controls

Federal Clean Waters Act

Santa Barbara Municipal Code SBMC 9.16.020 leaf blower regulations